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How much will my modular home cost?
The cost of your modular home can be as little as $60.00 a square foot. But, your cost will depend on what you decide to add to the home for options, and the floor plan you have chosen to build.

What other costs need to be figured in?
Completion of the plumbing and drain lines, heating system, electrical hookup, and steps / decks; along with your site development costs. This is not a complete list because not all land is alike. Development in clay soil for example is more expensive than to excavate in sand.

What are the advantages to buying a modular home vs working with a site builder?
Having your modular home built in a climate controlled environment means your home is not exposed to changes in the weather; so, no hold ups delaying the building process. The state of the art equipment used in the factory is more sophisticated than onsite tools, producing a consistently better quality home. Modular factories employ carpenters, electricians, & plumbers full time, year round. Builders have to subcontract many parts of your job and will not be able be on your site every day. A 3rd party inspector is at the factory all day inspecting your home as it moves down the production line. Your home will not receive its modular seal without meeting state code. And the cost factor; the manufacturer purchases materials in huge quantities, getting a better price. The site builder has to purchase materials locally and per home, meaning he will pay more for his materials. And he will be adding in time to pick up and deliver materials on almost a daily basis. The end result in a modular is a home that will end up apprasing much highr than the total cost - resulting in instant equity when you close on the porchase.

How long will my project take to complete?
Because your modular home comes from the factory almost complete, if all other factors go according to schedule your home should be complete in approximately 45 days from day of crane.

Do I have to own my own land?
If you already own land you have an advantage because you bring equity into the deal. Most modular home buyers do not own their land when they first come to visit us. Once they have found the land, they can combine the cost of the land, site work and home into the loan. This type of financing is called a construction loan mortgage.

What if I can't find a suitable floor plan from the manufacturer's literature?
Custom designs to meet your needs are our specialty. Here at Glens Falls Custom Modular Homes we don't just sell you a place to live, we help to create the perfect HOME for you and your family. If you have special needs we will work with you to design the home of your dreams.

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